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Liverpool, what your closet (and confidence) needs!

Posted on June 16 2021

Okay, this one is dedicated to all of my hard-working, fly as heck, boss ladies! Let me start with a personal story that will give a little background on why I'm a huge proponent of dressing for success. And that does NOT mean being forced to dress like a man.

I was just a semester away from graduating and began an internship to prepare me for the work world. I was young and nervous and certainly not near as confident or sure of myself like I am now! All of what I knew "work clothes" to be were a heinous boxy, unflattering, ill-fitted black pantsuit. Because, ya know, if you wanted to be taken seriously by men in a male-dominated industry, well then you better dress like one. So I did. For one day. And that day crushed my soul. After that first day, I didn't know what the heck I was going to wear to work but I knew it would never be that again.

I felt awful. No confidence. Unsure of myself. And I thought how could this be? I am smart and confident. I am capable. I belong here. I've worked hard to get here. And in that moment I realized that what you wear can greatly impact you! So I scrounged up $150 bucks and went to JC Penney and Old Navy and scoured the sale racks. I had no idea what I was looking for but anything had to be better than the alternative. And you know what, I found some really cute, bright, and happy pieces that made me look good, yes. But most importantly, I felt great on the inside!

Which is why I have such a high appreciation for the Liverpool brand because they make clothes for strong, confident, independent women who can succeed and thrive in any industry or field!

tan liverpool blazer over a white v-neck top and jeans on a 308 boutique model

Liverpool Blazer

And I am crushing on what they are serving up this season! A great fitting blazer should be a wardrobe must for every woman and this Liverpool blazer is giving me life! The fit, perfection. The fabric and stretch, on point. And the color is beyond versatile! Whether you're in the boardroom in front of executives (your peers, duh, because girl you smart!) or at a business-casual networking meeting, this blazer is taking you all the places!

model from the 308 boutique wearing high-rise skinny jeans from Liverpool

Liverpool High Rise Skinny Jeans

Another fabulous piece new from Liverpool is their double waistband high-rise skinny jeans! The ultra-flattering waistband alone had me sold, but I love the slightly frayed raw hem at the ankle. It's just enough flare to stand out but is still quite suitable for more relaxed dress policies. I would highly recommend wearing the Liverpool blazer with these amazing jeans! Simply add a crisp white t-shirt or blouse underneath and opt for a sleek pair of pointed-toe flats. To add some pizazz, try out some statement earrings, a fabulous belt, or a bright shoe!

model from the 308 boutique wearing coral colored jeans from Liverpool

Liverpool Colored Denim Jeans

And as if I needed a third reason to rave about Liverpool, they debuted the prettiest coral denim that is a must-have this summer! I've always been a fan of colored jeans and this pair is no exception. My style recommendation is to let the jeans do all the talking and keep it effortless with a basic white t-shirt or peplum tank with tan espadrilles, like this Steve Madden pair!

tan espadrilles by Steve Madden at 308 Boutique