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Shoes You Need from TOMS this Summer

Posted on June 18 2021

white TOMS shoes from 308 boutique in Omaha

Shoes You Need from TOMS this Summer

Ok girlfriends, let's chat about the shoes you need from TOMS this summer! TOMS is bringing the fire this season with their new lineup of tennis shoes and wedges. It is a well known fact that TOMS has a reputation for their excellent comfortability and are a cult favorite. Once you own a pair of TOMS, you will forever be a fan. Which is why I appreciate their ever-changing styles and diverse options. They know the importance of staying current while remaining true to the core of what makes them great - shoes that feel good to wear and look good on. What once started with a simple slip-on shoe design has evolved into a wide array of shoe choices. TOMS' vast selection has been thoughtfully created to accommodate your personal style preferences, guaranteed to fit your shopping needs!

TOMS sneakers from the 308 Boutique in Omaha

TOMS Sneakers

I would consider myself a tennis shoe connoisseur so I was ecstatic when I saw their new sneaker options, especially those fresh all-whites. The canvas fabric is an excellent choice for warm summer days, as it provides breathability and coolness for your feet. Not to mention they are the most versatile shoe you'll ever have in your wardrobe! Summer dress, no problem. Jeans and a blazer, you bet. Jean shorts and sweatshirt, yes girl.

It's funny because in my *younger* years, I would have never worn tennis shoes outside of the gym, and heck to the no was I going "out" in them, but I'm here to tell you, people can change haha! Maybe it's due to the curve ball 2020 threw at us and how we all came to embrace all things athleisure, and gosh there's no going back. The sheer amount of hoodies I own is actually alarming! But just because comfort has taken a front seat, that does not mean style has to be in the back.

tan TOMS sneakers from the 308 boutique

Whether it be the crisp and clean white sneakers, the tan and pink classic style of TOMS with an elevated sole, or their signature peep-toe wedge; no matter what kind of look you are trying to achieve, you will be set with these new TOMS shoes!

It's also worth noting, just in case you weren't aware, that TOMS is a certified B corporation. What does that mean you may ask? Well without getting too technical, it basically means they adhere to the highest standard of social and environmental accountability. Simply put, they create good jobs that create good products that do good for people. They are also committed to reducing their footprint, vowing to have 100% of their packaging come from sustainably managed forests, to use 100% sustainable cotton, and use more earth-friendly materials in their products by 2025. And if you needed another reason to spend your hard earned money on TOMS, they also invest 1/3 of their annual profits in highly impactful, local causes throughout our great country.

To be a company with an expansive selection of stylish AND comfortable shoes with an even bigger heart and soul for our beautiful planet and the people on it - well I think that is pretty dang cool.