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Why KUT from the Kloth is a Great Denim Company

There are a lot of denim companies out there. So, why is KUT from the Kloth a great company?

KUT offers a great product at a great price. Their jeans fit well and last long, making them a wise investment for anyone looking for quality denim. In addition, Kut is committed to social responsibility, using sustainable materials and practices in their production process.

For these reasons and more, The 308 Boutique carries KUT from the Kloth and believes they are a great company worth supporting!

Transforming The Denim Industry 

The allure of well-fitting jeans under $100 is something that transcends age. However, as the denim industry divided itself between premium and fast fashion, it became an uncommon product in the women's denim sector and clothing boutiques across America.

Thankfully The 308 Boutique found KUT from the Kloth, a Los Angeles-based women's denim and lifestyle brand that was founded in 2007.

(The 308 Boutique Owner Erin Sandy pictured with KUT President Jon Greenburg and CEO Mitch Greenburg)

A Passion for KUT

Over the last 8 years, The 308 Boutique has developed a passion for KUT. They love that this popular jean brand was really formed around the desire for denim, and women.

When the KUT from the Kloth brand was founded in 2007, there were around a dozen current denim labels that cost between $180 and $250 when it debuted, yet most women in their thirties juggling children and other grown-up obligations could not afford them.

The 308 Boutique has been selling KUT from the Kloth denim for nearly 8 years and affordability remains important for the everyday woman in their community.

Filling The Denim Void

The denim industry, on the other hand, was missing fits that flattered "real women" - a concern that Kut from the Kloth addressed with improved materials and greater attention to practical design.

In terms of appearance, fit, and demographic, no one competes with the Kut from the Kloth. They began as a jeans brand for women in their 30s through their 50s and 60s.

At 308 Boutique, customers’ expectations come first. They pride themselves in carrying denim that is lifestyle driven—they aim to sell a jean that customers can wear anywhere from the soccer field in Omaha to dinner in Holdrege.

Why Does 308 Boutique Carry KUT from the Kloth?

KUT has been a well-known brand for 8+ years at The 308 Boutique. They've made buying jeans enjoyable again! It's a must-have for their customers in Nebraska and across the country because of its amazing stretch and now FAB AB feature.

Who Wears KUT Denim?

KUT is for the everyday girl who needs denim she can "mom" in but also dresses up for a dinner date. It can be clean & classy or destructed & edgy and even after a day of wear, it can be folded up on the shelf & worn the next day. KUT from the Kloth is the perfect denim for their denim buying demographic.

What's It Like Working With KUT?

KUT has an incredible team of talented account reps, denim designers & support staff who care for their customers, but the brand still keeps the small, family feel. They listen to boutique owners like The 308 Boutique, & stay on trend, but are grounded in their core products.

Denim customers, in this demographic, are not the fastest to adopt trends. Sometimes KUT from the KLOTH is two years too early, but they are testing their newest designs and gathering valuable information during this time.

When customers are ready for the newest designs, KUT from the Kloth will have them.

Great Value

KUT from the Kloth has worked tirelessly to keep its denim prices below $100. The 308 Boutique carries KUT and would put them up against any $200 or $300 denim and it would compare favorably. 

Anything from KUT is an amazing purchase not only for longevity but for the timelessness of the denim.

Popular Styles

The "Connie" as a skinny jean has been a go-to for the clientele of The 308 Boutique for eight years & it cannot be beaten.  

The "Rachael" mom jeans are an all-time fave as a mom who chases three little girls to all the activities. You almost forget you don't have leggings on because of the 2% spandex!

This Denim Brand Has You Covered

Whether you’re looking for your next pair of mom jeans that offer great stretch or a fuzzy sweater that’s completely effortless, this brand has you covered.

  • Fashionable, simple, and everyday fashion clothes are available.
  • KUT from the Kloth jeans come in a variety of fits and styles, including Kut from the collection.
  • Sustainable production methods are used to create certain designs.
  • Denim fit guide and jean sizing charts are available online at The 308 Boutique
  • On trend. KUT has styles and fits that are ready when you are.  


The 308 Boutique is an award-winning boutique for women. With two stores in Nebraska, customers across the country are recognizing this boutique for their great pricing and fast fashion.