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Wax Buffalo

Pour Your Own Soy Candle Kit


Sweet Tobacco


Make your own soy candles at home! All wrapped up in a sustainable canvas reusable bag. Wax buffalo was started as a form of late night therapy, whisky in hand. Make your own soy candles as an escape, a new hobby, something to fill the extra hours at home, something to do as a family. Make your own soy candles as something you make with your own hands and then get to use to fill your home with the most lovely of scents.   Sweet Tobacco: warm vanilla, tobacco, coriander, tonka, honey blossom, clove. Sweet tobacco is one of our signature collection scents that is well loved by our waxy b. enthusiasts!

Each kit includes: 

  • pure soy wax flakes
  • fine fragrance and essential oil blend
  • wicks
  • 2 classic X amber jars
  • 2 tea light shells
  • a stirring stick

Materials you'll need from home:
  • a pot for water,
  • a pouring pitcher
  • a clothes pin 
  • a thermometer (optional)

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